THE SHORE ATHLETIC CLUB is one of New Jersey's, and America's most diverse and inclusive organizations dedicated to all the specialties within the great sport of track and field.

  The Shore AC is truly a club for all athletes and all seasons.  We field "varsity" and local men's and women's teams competing in every event within the sport, and on every level, youth to juniors to "open" to Sub-Masters and Masters. 

   We are dedicated to the vision of track and field as a wonderful "lifetime sport". We do every event there is to do, meaning everything from the sprints to the middle distances to the marathons and even ultra-marathons; the hurdles, all the jumping events, all the throwing events, all the multi-events; racewalking and cross country and relay racing and road running. Some of our Shore AC folks have done all this at the highest level - our members have been Olympians, World Champions, National Champions, and a lot more. 

   The Shore AC's official birth year is 1934.  The club went through its earlier eras of the 30s and 40s marked by some incredible feats - began anew in the late 40s and endured to the early 50s. In 1964, the "new" Shore AC was born and we've been doing so many great new things ever since. We have over 500 members.  Most live in New Jersey but quite a few reside far beyond NJ. and some quite far beyond. In addition to competing in all these events, the club itself puts on an incredible array of events for all to take part in and enjoy to the utmost. And we cap each year with a wonderful awards banquet each January.  

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